I got declined, what can I do?

Our approval process is fully automated and relies 100% on the information you provide during the process. Although sometimes we are not able to provide a loan approval because of our commitment to responsible lending, often customers are successful by following the below tips before applying again:

  1. Ensure your personal details are complete and accurate as they are used to validate your identity.
  2. Pay back any active loan you have with us (you may need to wait for up to 5 days so that we can be sure the funds are cleared)
  3. Ensure you disable any VPN you might be using.
  4. Ensure the bank account used on your account is your primary bank account.
  5. Ensure you have correctly input your employment details including income and expenses.
  6. Ensure you met our age requirements of 20-65 years old.

If some of these tips do not help, don't get discouraged. You can always re-apply in 30 to 90 days when your financial situation may have changed. We do not penalize our valued customers based on the number of applications submitted.

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