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  • 3 Questions You Must Ask Before Taking Out a Student Loan


    It’s a sad reality in Canada that student loans have forced many graduates to delay major life events – like getting married, having children, or even simply moving out of home.

    However, when you’re a fresh high school graduate, it’s hard to understand the magnitude of the loan you’re about to take out.  This is why it is important to ask these three questions before either taking out a student loan, or before your children take out a student loan.

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    Hosting your own Canada Day barbeque


    Summer is here and the Canada Day long weekend is fast approaching.  We are looking forward to an excuse to eat way too many Beavertails!

    Caught yourself telling friends and family to come round this weekend for a little fiesta, but not sure where to start?  Here are a few ideas to kick off your Canada Day barbeque.

  • Online Payday Loans to Go on Vacation


    It’s already the end of May and summer is well and truly upon us.  Unfortunately with the value of the loonie dropping, those big summer holiday dreams seem to be less and less attainable. 

  • Ferratum Holiday Barometer is Out Now in 20 Countries


    Ferratum Group’s bi-annual consumer barometer is now out for the fourth time

    The Ferratum Holiday Barometer™ will measure European and Commonwealth’s households holiday trends during summer 2016 in twenty countries.  We compile all the answers so that we can find the answer to questions like:

  • Comparing Loans


    Comparing Loans: What to Look For

    When we need money, the first thing that comes to mind are the banks: personal loans and long application processes with endless paperwork.  However, our technology has evolved and, with it, the world of finance.

  • Mother’s Day for All Budgets


    Luckily most mothers understand when your finances are tight.  More often than not, they’ll prefer an inexpensive thoughtful gift over being showered in gifts (that’s just icing on the cake!).

    If you still want to spoil her and need a cash boost until your next payday, Ferratum's range of payday loans are here to help you.

    But here are a few ideas to make her day this Sunday, depending on your bank balance.


    Breakfast in Bed

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    7 Ways to Make Extra Cash


    Unfortunately there are no real ways to get rich fast – it all takes hard work and dedication.  However, you can supplement your income in several different ways (and possibly gain new skills to help you climb the career ladder!).  Here are few ideas for side income sources.


    Part-time Job

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    The Essential Guide to Applying for a Cash Loan


    Cash loans are designed for emergency situations or where you need cash fast.  It is a convenient source of small amounts of cash with easy repayments starting on your next payday.

    Cash loan options have gotten a bad reputation in the past, but applying for a loan and being informed can be a solution for your short term cash needs, provided you are able to repay the loan as agreed.

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    Budgeting Tips for People on Benefits


    When you're on Employment Insurance, a Disability Pension or other Government benefits, it may not be a very large income being deposited into your account.  This makes creating a budget tougher as there is less cash to throw around, and requires more restraint on your part to ensure that there's enough money to last until the next paycheque. 

    Here are a few things to think about when creating a budget when you have limited income.


    Where is Your Money Going?

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    Cash Loans for People on Employment Insurance Benefits


    Regardless of your situation in life, sometimes emergencies happen and you need a short term cash loan to tide you over.  Many people look to Ferratum to help in these cases.

    Sometimes people facing unexpected financial emergencies come from a lower income bracket or have a low credit rating.  This does not affect the nature of the emergency for the people in question.  However, to some loan companies, this can be the deciding factor for loan approvals.