Outdo Yourself Story: Nature And Being Part Of Something Bigger

Outdo Yourself Story: Nature And Being Part Of Something Bigger

Inside many of us is a nagging feeling of another life waiting to be lived – the life we are meant to live.

At Ferratum Money, we aim to bridge the gap between the life people dream and the life they lead by creating products that enable and inspire people to take life by the horns and to say yes more often.


Opening The Door To Opportunity

We understand very well that money can often help open doors and create opportunities. We recently ran our Outdo Yourself contest for that very reason.

To encourage and motivate you to put your ideas into action, we asked you to submit a video pitch about a dream or goal that was important to you.

Maybe it was a goal or dream you'd always wanted to start but for various reasons hadn't, or maybe it was something you'd already started but didn't have the time or the means to make it possible.

To reward you: we offered a generous grant along with the mentorship you need to help make your goal a reality.

Sharing Inspiration

We received so many wonderful videos (133 from 18 countries to be exact) and we had the challenge of only selecting 3 winners.

Almost as soon as we had chosen our 3 winners, we realized that each of the videos deserved even more exposure as they had the potential to inspire even more people.

At One With Nature

At One With Nature

When it comes to dreams and setting goals, the most important thing is that it is personal to the individual and that it excites and motivates them. For some people, goals revolve around travel, for others around a career. For Merilin from Estonia, it's all about time with Mother Nature.

A growing number of studies have shown that connection with nature makes us healthier and happier people. According to studies in environmental psychology, spending time in nature has three positive effects:

  1. Reduced stress
  2. Improved mood
  3. Improved cognitive function

As shared in her video pitch, Merilin describes nature as a magical place where the soul rests and the mind clears. Nature is where hidden secrets exist, where adventures happen, and where joy can be experienced.

To Merilin, it's in nature that we experience the feeling of being part of something bigger and it's her dream to transform the garden where she grew up and spent all her summers, into a relaxing, inspiring and safe place for her family and friends.

We all know that setting goals are important to our motivation. So, when combining goal setting with the proven benefits of nature, we think Merilin is onto something special, and we thank her for sharing your passions with us!

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from Outdo Yourself next month!

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