How To Make The Most Of An Opportunity

How To Make The Most Of An Opportunity

When all is said and done, life is about the people we meet, the places we go, and the memories we create. The moments that remind us we're alive.

The truth is, we’re not here for long. But each day we have a choice - we can dream our days away, or we can take steps towards making our dreams happen.

Moments That Last A Lifetime

I'll never forget the incredible feeling of being surrounded by the water - water as far as the eye could see. There I was in beautiful Hornby Island, British Columbia - just me, my kayak and the calm of the sea. No sound except the sound of the paddles gently sweep-stroking the deep, tranquil waters.

Off in the distance lay white sands, lush green forests and dozens of sea lions bathing on the rocks while bobbing up and down of the waters in front of me were several varieties of seabirds, and above me eagles soaring gracefully.

A few moments later, like a gift from mother nature herself, I focused the lens of my camera to capture the magnificent sight of orcas leaping out from the depths of the ocean and into the sky. It's something I will never forget.

Making The Decision To Make It Happen

How To Make The Most Of An Opportunity

While in the final year of my Bachelor's Degree in photography, my dream had always been to travel from Ontario, where I was studying, to British Columbia and take photographs for my final assignment and first gallery exhibit.

While studying, I was working part-time at a photo lab where, after finishing university next month, I would work full-time. The only thing that was holding me back from making my dream a reality was money.

The alternative - turning in an assignment which I'd be less excited about - felt like a let-down after years of dedication and years of dreaming about completing this trip.

I knew that in a couple of months' time I would be able to afford it however, my assignment was due in two weeks.

As the saying goes, "There's no time like the present", and with that, I applied for an online loan through Ferratum Money. Minutes later, my application was approved, and the money was deposited into my bank account the very next day. That same day, I booked my flight to B.C.

Saying Yes To Life

At Ferratum, we aim to bridge the gap between the lives people dream and the lives people lead, to help dreams become a reality, and make the impossible, possible.

We have created our Personal Loan as a tool to enable people to say yes to life more often, aid people in their pursuits, and help people reach their goals.

Ferratum is money for the doers - the movers, the shakers, the adventurers, those who swim against the tide, and those who dance to their own rhythm.

As a leading international provider of mobile financial services and a pioneer in the field of financial technology, Ferratum Group has been empowering people since 2005 with its fast, simple, and innovative financial solutions.

So, how can we help you reach your goals?

Today, we live our life at high speed. When you need to secure funds quick, who has time to visit a bank? This is where applying an online loan makes life easy.

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