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  • How To Talk To Kids About Money
    Family Finance: It's Time To Talk To Your Kids About Money


    Several financial surveys have recently been conducted, with results showing that approximately 50% of parents avoid talking about money or finances with their children.

    These studies have shown parents aren’t talking about financial health because they consider it to be unimportant or too complicated.

    However, talking to your kids about money isn’t difficult.

    If the saying is true that “money talks”, then as parents let’s start talking.

    Keep reading, we list some helpful tips on how to start the discussion with your children:

  • How To Get Out Of Debt
    How To Get Out Of Debt


    There are few things more stressful than being in debt, worried about how to make ends meet, and having creditors always on your mind.

    Maybe you’re just unsure how to get out of debt. Well, you're not alone. Fortunately for everyone, there are experts that can show you some practical ways to help you pay off those pesky debts.

    First: There are times when going into debt is unavoidable.

    You may buy your first house, a new SUV, surprise medical fees, or pay for your child’s tuition.

  • How To Get Money Fast
    When Opportunity Knocks: How To Get Money Fast


    Let us set the scene: a few weeks ago you received notification from a job alert you’d set six months ago and, lo and behold, your dream employer had just posted your dream job.

    You immediately dropped what you’re doing and spent the next couple of hours tweaking your resume, updating your portfolio, and writing an eye-catching cover letter before hitting send. 

    Today, you receive an enthusiastic e-mail from the employer saying that you seem to be a perfect fit and that they’d like to invite you in for an interview.

  • How to prepare and save on summer spending
    3 Ways To Prepare (And Save) For Summer Spending


    The warm summer days are finally here, so it's time to start thinking about how to maximize (and save) for Summer 2017.

    Since summer never feels quite long enough, think now about how you can make the season stretch longer.

    During the summer months, it’s natural we want to “up” our activities and do more things. However, doing more also often means needing and spending more money.

    Below we give you three innovative tips on how to save money this summer.

  • What you should know before taking a bank loan
    What You Should Know Before Taking a Bank Loan


    Most people agree that an online loan can be a good idea if you’re in need of extra money or if you need to consolidate debts.

    Today, the majority of people have a loan or some form of credit with a financial institution, and a bank loan is one of the quickest and most easily accessible ways to secure funds.