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  • 5 Back To School Study Tips To Help You Focus
    5 Back To School Study Tips To Help You Focus


    Fall is truly here. That first morning frost, the falling leaves, and everything has suddenly become pumpkin spice flavoured.

    Fall in Canada is truly one of the most beautiful times to live in this amazing country.

    But with that brisk feeling in the air also means it’s officially back to school. So, how are your studies going? Have you been able to stay focused, or is your brain still in summer holiday mode?

    Here are my top five tips to help you focus and study more productively:

  • 5 Questions To Ask Before You Apply For A Short Term Loan
    5 Questions To Ask Before You Apply For A Short Term Loan


    If you are thinking about applying for a loan, there's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

    In fact, almost everyone has some form of credit or debt – from auto loans, credit cards, mortgages, and student loans.

    So, if you are thinking about applying for a loan, the most important thing is to make an informed decision.

    First: Make sure you're applying for a loan for the right reasons.

    Second: It's vital you research your options, and that you know what to look for when applying for a loan.

  • 25 Experiences You Have To Try
    Life Is About Experiences: 25 Experiences You Have To Try


    They say that our experiences define us and that we are the sum of all of our experiences.

    Our experiences inform our thoughts, our actions, our decision-making processes, and the opportunities and risks we are willing to take.

    When we have a pleasant experience, we are likely to engage in that particular activity or behaviour again because we know it's safe, comfortable and familiar. Equally, when we have a negative experience with something or someone, it deters us from engaging with that activity or person again.

  • 5 Financial Hacks For Millennials
    5 Financial Hacks For Millennials


    With Canadian debt at an all time high, financial discipline can seem far out of reach for many in the younger population. Nearly 1 in 3 millennials say they have spent money budgeted for other things, on themselves. They're more than twice as likely to do so than Gen Xers, and almost eight times more likely than baby boomers.

    The analysis, which was part of Northwestern Mutual's 2017 study also showed that one-third of millennials were prone to excessive spending, and a quarter said they've hidden purchases from their spouse or partner.

  • The Freedom Of Choice
    The Freedom Of Choice


    Let’s be honest – in Canada we live comfortably, don’t we?

    The amount of choice available every day is incredible. Just take a stroll through your local grocery store and just look at the huge array of choices we have.

    On your way into work, you may ask yourself:

    “Should I have the soy latte, or the low-fat skim frappuccino today?”

    “Should I upgrade to the latest Android phone, or keep my 6 month old iPhone?”

    In this day and age, we are truly spoiled with choices.