Online Cash Loans from Ferratum Canada

Online Cash Loans from Ferratum Canada

Why Choose Ferratum For Cash Loans?


Ferratum is an international provider of mobile consumer loans. As a pioneer in the field of financial technology and mobile lending, we have expanded our operations to 24 countries since 2005.

At Ferratum, our mission is simple – to provide the best, fastest, and most user-friendly lending and banking services available with unsurpassed personal customer service.

Because We're Different

When you apply for one of Ferratum's online cash loans, you can be confident you're in good hands. We believe in complete transparency. No hidden fees.

A friendly tip: when you're exploring options for online cash loans, it's never a good idea to search for “cash loans with no credit check” as many times companies who say they won't perform a credit check often collect and pass your confidential details to third party lenders lenders who will.

When you apply for one of Ferratum's cash loans, you can be sure we won't ever share your details without your permission.

We're Customer Focused

We understand relationships are important. Since we're a direct lender, many of our customers use our services many times.

Once you apply for one of our online cash loans, we create an account for you to use again if, and when the need arises. Our aim is to create happy customers.

What Our Short Term Loans Are All About

Cash loans are often also referred to as online loans, short term loans, or same day loans.

Emergency financial situations can strike at any time. We've all worked at a part time job, where your hours might be a lot or a little. Keeping your bills paid can be tough when you can't count on a steady paycheque.

Ferratum's cash loans are made for these situations! We all experience a cash short fall at some point and at Ferratum we understand that a small cash loan can make a big difference for you and your family.

Or your car breaks down – you have budgeted for all your regular bills perfectly and the last thing you need is an unexpected expense! All your cash is tied up until payday, but how are you going to get to and from work without a car?

When something unexpected happens and you need a fast and effortless cash loans, you can always turn to Ferratum. Our loans are perfect for that.

We Strive To Say Yes When Other Banks Say No

When it comes to credit checks, a lot of people tend to think their credit file is worse than it is, and are pleasantly surprised when we offer them a quick cash advance loan.

We're not looking for old mistakes on long term finance arrangements customers had years ago. We run our checks based on similar items of credit to our online loans. It takes just five minutes to apply for one of our loans and get a decision almost immediately.

Using our sophisticated and advanced technology, it takes just seconds to assess an application for one of our online cash loans.

Customers will pass through several virtual "checkpoints" which validates their information as they go through the process. During this process, we will verify their ID, check their credit rating, and their ability to repay the loan on the due date.

Why One of Our Cash Loans?

There are endless reasons why customers apply for online loans. At Ferratum, our customer service team have helped thousands of people just like you to assist with our cash loans.

From car repairs, to veterinary bills, urgent home repairs and everything in between, we're here to help.

Welcome to the Ferratum Family

As a member of the Ferratum Family, you'll get exclusive access to our financial tips and tricks, hacks, and useful money saving information every week right on

Take our latest financial hack for example: We discuss ways you can identify invisible expenses in your life, and how to keep these (and your wallet) in check. If you don't have time to read the article we'll give you a hint: Call on the use of online loans (when you need it), buy a low fuel consumption car, and reduce your monthly expenses in the long term to come out ahead!

Interested in building the best emergency fund possible? We've got an article for that too. These are all included with your short term loan.

Applying For One of Ferratum's Cash Loans

As a customer, you'll find applying for one of our online loans is incredibly easy. The application takes just 5 minutes to complete, and using our sophisticated and advanced technology, you'll have a decision shortly after. Yes, it's that quick.

Since the entire process is done online, we don't ask you to provide physical copies of your sensitive data as we conduct our verification online. This, of course, also means no standing in line and no paperwork to complete.

Once approved, the money will be transferred directly to your bank, usually on the same day. Fast and simple.

Fast and simple online cash loans from Ferratum. When it comes to money, you've got less thing to worry about.

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Still have questions about our online loans? Be sure to read our Frequently Asked Questions, or speak to a member of our Customer Care team by clicking the chat bubble on the right.