• What Type Of Spender Are You?
    A few months ago, we wrote an article where we explained the importance of understanding the way you (and your family) view money, and the role it plays in your household. A recent study between University College London, the
  • Does Spending Money Make Us Feel Good?
    It's an age-old question and one that has been debated for many years. So, what do you think - can spending money make us feel good? Well, let's take a deeper look, shall we?   Retail Therapy First, the term "
  • What Would You Do If You Won The Lotto
    Inspired by our popular Ferratum Fridays (#FerratumFridays) Facebook competition. Below, we look into the research that shows why sharing money with others makes us happier than spending it simply on ourselves.   Hitting
  • Ferratum Christmas Barometer 2017
    Since 2014, Ferratum Group has asked its customers to share their spending habits. The survey is conducted twice a year - once during the summer holidays, and, again, just before Christmas. The purpose of the survey is to