You're safe with Ferratum

We know your information is private and confidential and intend to keep it that way. When applying for a loan with Ferratum, you don't need to worry as we take every precaution to ensure that your information is safe.


Bank grade security

We protect your data using 128 bit secure socket layer technology,combined with end-to-end encryption (the level of security banks use!). This means that when information is passed from your computer to our server, the information is encrypted and the size of the key to the code is 1 in 2^128 (which is a whopping 36 figure number!).

You can always check by looking at the page link: SSL secured pages will begin with https://. If you can only see http://, the page is not secure.

Secure pages should show a padlock symbol - if the padlock is not visible or appears broken, the page is not secure.




We have partnered with CreditSense to utilize their secure banking technology and save you the time and hassle of retrieving your bank statements. Making sure your data is read-only and viewed by our solely our staff.



Read only

We can't change any of your information. We are given "Read Only" access by Credit Sense. Your information is never kept by Ferratum or Credit Sense.



Your accounts are safe here

We always have and always will continue to keep your information safe within our organisation.



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