The Ferratum advantage


The Ferratum Money advantage.


1) We're fast

We've streamlined our application process down to a few simple steps – taking only a few minutes to complete.

Our decision process is completely online and takes only 10 minutes to complete, giving you an answer instantly. No paperwork, scanning, photocopying, or faxing. No more waiting in line or on hold; just a simple online application to give you a decision, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Once approved, your online loan will be transferred to your bank on average in less than 24 hours: Now that's fast!



2) We strive to say yes when other banks say no

When it comes to credit checks, a lot of people tend to think their credit file is worse than it is, and are pleasantly surprised when we offer them a quick cash advance loan.

We're not looking for old mistakes on long term finance arrangements customers had years ago. We run our checks based on similar items of credit to our online loans. It takes just five minutes to apply for one of our loans and get a decision almost immediately.

Using our sophisticated and advanced technology, it takes just seconds to assess an application for one of our online cash loans.

Customers will pass through several virtual "checkpoints" which validates their information as they go through the process. During this process, we will verify their ID, check their credit rating, and their ability to repay the loan on the due date.


3) Take our loan for a test drive

We understand, your situation can change from day to day. That's why Ferratum is the only digital lender in Canada to offer a loan warranty absolutely free of charge. If you're not satisfied with your personal loan for any reason within 48 hours, simply contact a member of our Customer Care team to return it, totally interest free.


Apply online

Apply online


Return loan

Return loan


Zero interest

Zero interest



4) We make happy customers

We understand relationships are important and since we're a direct lender, many of our customers use our services on a regular basis.

Once you apply for one of our online short term loans, we create an account for you to use again if and when the need arises. Our aim is to create happy customers.


"Friendly service, quick turnaround, there when you need them."


"Fast, friendly, helpful. Highly recommended."


"Very happy with the fast and professional service I received."


Come and join the Ferratum family

As an international pioneer in the field of financial technology and mobile lending, we believe in doing things differently.

Simply fill in our online application through our easy-to-use website. Applications are completely free, and after completing one you'll receive a decision within minutes. Once you're approved, you'll get the money you need deposited directly into your bank account.

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Available for amazing people living in ON, BC, AB, NS, NB, NL. Borrowing amounts of $500 to $15,000 CAD from 6 to 60 months. Our interest rates start from 18.9% and are calculated based on your overall financial health. Apply to see your rate and how much you're approved for. Have more questions? Don't hesitate to chat with one of our Customer Care representatives.